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Facials in Four Simple Steps

You don’t need costly spa services to give your skin what it needs to look fresh, healthy, and restored. The only necessary investments are time and a few quality products. Follow these simple tips for weekly at-home facials that will keep skin glowing—at an affordable price.

Sinus Soothers

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the air-filled cavities in the head and face. This condition can result from bacterial, viral, or fungal infection—or it may stem from an allergy. In acknowledgement of the inter-relationship between the nasal and sinus passages, otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat specialists) often refer to the condition as “rhinosinusitis.”

Aged Garlic Extract Is Awesome

OK, so you’ve used garlic countless times to ward off vampires. Who amongst us hasn’t?

Vacation First Aid

Before you head off on a summer road trip, put together a first-aid kit. Think basic and then pack your first-aid supplies in a handy, portable case that will fit easily into your car or suitcase. 

Top 10 Ways to Get Kids to Be Active

Give Kids the Opportunity to Be Active – Take the time to play with your children. Five minutes here, 10 minutes there makes all the difference. Try to plan family walks when you can, and even though it may be sedentary, watch ballgames on television with your children, as it builds interest in a physical activity. During the game, every time a commercial comes on, exercise with your children.

New To The Store: Ardenne Farm Gluten-Free Baking Mixes!

We welcome Ardenne farm gluten-free baking mixes!!!  Try out your baking skills the summer and get ready for the holidays and the season with all of the goodies you can make!!! 

Supplements for Fresher Ageless Skin

If you’re noticing a few unwelcome changes in the mirror—such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, and dry, rough skin—then it might be time to check out three supplements that have the research to prove they could help you defy your age.

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